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About The Basket Case

Susi Mulligan, owner of Badger Farm, established The Basket Case in 1999. As an artist and signwriter, she became interested in willow crafts as a result of the EcoFest, (produced by the Wolds Collective), an annual Solstice Festival held on her land since 1996, at which a willow sculpture is created and ritualistically burned.

As chairman of the Wolds Collective (, she recognized the need to provide a sustainable resource for the willow sculptures, and began planting willow at Badger Farm. Professional basket makers were brought in to teach the basic skills, and classes are now held regularly. She now teaches willow crafts at schools, village halls, and Social Learning Centres.

Commissions taken:
  • Baskets
  • Lamps
  • Garden Sculptures
  • Living Willow Structures
  • Signwriting
  • Still life paintings
  • Portraits - pets and people
For examples of the above please visit our Galleries.

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